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DrivingSales Presidents Club

Presidents Club

May 6-7, 2018 | Fort Lauderdale, FL

DrivingSales Presidents Club is an individually unique event. Instead of a conference focused on keynotes from opinion leaders, Presidents Club is a set of forums led by real-life experts. Workshops will discuss the most challenging topics in the automotive retail industry lead by dealers who’ve found real-world solutions.

DrivingSales Executive Summit

DrivingSales Executive Summit

Thanks for a great 2017 summit!

Once per year at the start of the fourth quarter, the most progressive dealers in the country gather to collaborate on the most innovative trends and formulate their business plans for the following year. Attendees are invigorated with profit-building strategies and leave prepared to increase their successes.

DrivingSales Canadian Dealer Forum

Canadian Dealer Forum

Thanks for a great 2017 forum!

The Canadian Dealer Forum is a gathering of the most progressive dealers in Canada to connect on the high-level direction for automotive retail, learn what those changes mean and how to drive the industry forward. Hear the innovative changes that dealers need to add into your strategic plans.

Upcoming Webinars

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Put Customers in the Driver's Seat by Letting Them "Couch" Their Own Deals

December 13th | 1:00 pm EDT

How do you earn customers online when your competitors are only a click away? Deliver the experience they want. Put them in the driver’s seat. Let customers upsell themselves. In other words, let them “couch” their own deals.


How to Combat Customer Engagement Challenges

December 19th | 1:00 pm EDT

Explore “The Great Ignored” and why it is at your dealership’s peril to attempt the enormous task of individualized communications & content personalization without assistance.

How to WIN in 2018: Harness the Power of Your People

December 20th | 1:00 pm EDT

Your people represent your dealership’s biggest opportunity to not only survive but thrive. To win in 2018, dealers must harness the power of their human capital.