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4 Easy & Effective Digital Advertising Campaigns Car Dealers Can Use to Get Incrementally Higher Holiday Sales

As all car dealers know, the holiday season is crunch-time for meeting end-of-year sales goals, which means now is the time to prepare campaigns that will lead to a lucrative season.

That’s why John Gottschalk, LotLinx SVP of Customer Relationships, will be sharing four easy and effective digital advertising campaigns that car dealers can utilize in order to get higher sales this holiday season.

By attending this webinar, dealers will learn specific and proven ways to adjust their current digital strategies in order to maximize revenue this upcoming holiday season, and clear out their 2017 and aged CPO inventory before the new year.

Key takeaways:

• Utilize the free resources and data you already have to create a digital advertising campaign tailored to your specific target market.
• Manage your time efficiently to prevent wasted ad spend and maximize your campaign dollars.
• Identify the common mistakes that dealers make when it comes to digital advertising campaigns, and how you can avoid them.

 John Gottschalk 

John has more than 19 years of automotive retail experience, including serving as the Senior Vice President of Dealer Relations for FordDirect. During his tenure at FordDirect, John was responsible for full P&L of this $400M joint venture with Ford Motor Company and its dealer partners. Prior to leading FordDirect, John served for more than seven years at McCrackin Ford in Pittsburgh, helping the dealership earn Top 20 rankings for multiple years within the region. In addition to his OEM and dealer retail background, John played a key role in the development of AutoNationDirect.com, where he was instrumental in establishing the sales and finance process for AutoNation’s online auto buying service.