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DrivingSales Webinars

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7 Steps to Winning Customers and Securing Repeat Business

Are you looking for ways to get more new and repeat business? The secret to acquiring and retaining more customers is to put yourself in your their shoes. Convenience is a big factor in securing repeat business. Learn how to get the upper hand on your competition with 7 Steps to Winning Customers and Securing Repeat Business

Ask yourself these three questions:

1. Can your customers find you?

2. Are you making it easy for your customers to connect, chat, or ask questions?

3. Are you creating long-lasting, trustworthy customer relationships?

If you don't know the definitive answer to all three questions then attending the webinar will help you:

- Learn what tools can help you navigate the modern customer journey

- Help your dealership be easily found by customers

- Acquire best practices for making the most out of every customer interaction

Hayley Sonntag

Demand Gen Specialist


Hayley Sonntag has worked in many areas of marketing at Podium. She mainly focuses on driving demand though industry-specific publications and advertising. Hayley received her BS from Brigham Young University in Marketing. Her passion is understanding the market through research and customer feedback.