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7 Ways Text Messaging Will Boost Your Dealership’s Bottom Line

Dealerships exist in a perfectly competitive market. They sell an identical product at a near-identical price and because of this, to win customers, they have to compete primarily on customer experience. If this is true, your dealership has to be the most convenient for customers to work with.

Texting your customers not only helps you keep track of conversations but it also allows your customers to respond whenever they want. Plus, text messages give you the ability to send vehicle images, walk-through videos, and even appointment reminders.

If you aren’t convinced that texting is right for your dealership, join us for a free webinar where we explain 7 ways you can use text messaging to boost your bottom line.

Key takeaways

  • Tips & tricks for implementing an effective messaging strategy
  • Why text messaging is the most convenient way to communicate with customers
  • How messaging can improve CSAT scores and retention

Dan Wright

Head of Automotive


Dan Wright is the head of automotive sales at Podium, a SaaS platform that helps local businesses interact with their customers through SMS text messaging and influence purchase decisions by streamlining the collection and management of online reviews. Wright has a keen understanding of the importance of customer experience from his years working in sales at Qualtrics. In his free time, Wright likes to spend his time in the outdoors mountain biking and hiking.