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JUNE 21-22, 2018 | CALGARY

Canadian Dealer Forum 2018 Speakers

Keynote Speakers

Andrew Au

President and Co-Founder

Intercept Group

Andrew Au is co-founder and President of Intercept Group, a marketing agency working with global brands like 3M, Microsoft and 7-Eleven.

Andrew will speak on the “new market” challenges that Canadian dealerships face with the rise of Gen-X and millennial car buyers, and the technological revolution that is changing the way we live and work in today’s world.

Who are Gen-X and Millennial car buyers, and how is your dealership engaging with them?

Andrew will discuss the latest technologies that can help you better engage with car buyers, and show you how to future-proof your dealership.

John Stix



John is co-founder of Fibernetics, Canada’s 5th largest telecom company, and has delivered keynote speeches at venues from private insurance firms to a group on behalf of the White House.

John will speak on the power of a positive workplace culture, and how you can use these techniques to recruit talent, how to retain top talent, how to drive innovation and creativity, and techniques that will empower and engage your workforce that inevitably drives further sales.

You'll walk away with a much better understanding of the techniques you need to empower your teams, John calls them the "I'm In" strategies, and has implemented these strategies at his business for years now.

Canadian Dealer Forum Ian Beavis

Ian Beavis

Chief Strategy Officer

AMCI Global

Ian is Chief Strategy Officer for AMCI Global based in Los Angeles. AMCI is a leading global marketing agency that transforms the way people perceive and interact with automotive brands.

Ian possesses over 30 years of automotive experience including Marketing, Product Planning, Research, Public Relations and Executive Management roles with both OEMs and Advertising Agencies. In his various
roles he has worked on or with virtually every automotive brand somewhere across the globe.

Ian is an Australian native who has lived outside Australia since 1993. He lives in Long Beach California with his wife Peta.

Breakout Session Speakers

Martin Wolniczek DrivingSales Canadian Dealer Forum

Martin Wolniczek

Director of Vertical Markets

CDK Global

Minding Millennials - Debunking Myths & Deploying Strategies to Satisfy Customer Expectations

•Understand Millennial behavior and preferences throughout the automotive journey, and how they differ from other generations.

•Discover effective strategies to improve the process, close sales and create positive experiences.

• Learn how to train staff to effectively engage Millennials.

Ian Cruickshank DrivingSales Canadian Dealer Forum

Ian Cruickshank

VP Sales & Marketing

Speed Shift Media

It's Time to Level up Your Used Car Strategy.

• Why your new car marketing doesn’t deliver on pre-owned and CPO vehicle sales

• What new car marketing techniques to avoid when promoting your pre-owned and CPO inventory

• What new techniques you should be using to increase used car sales, including expert search tactics, targeted inventory display, and Facebook inventory ads best practices."

Andrew Tai DrivingSales Canadia Dealer Forum

Andrew Tai



5 Ways the Physical Dealership Is Vital to Digital Retailing

Technology has transformed the way consumers shop in practically every retail sector - from books to groceries. The car buying journey is next in line for disruption. But physical storefronts will remain an important tool for customer engagement.

In this workshop, I’ll take a deep dive into five reasons brick and mortar dealerships are more important than ever in today’s increasingly digital world. Participants will walk away from this session with the tools and insights they need to bridge the gap between online and in-store experiences, and position their business for continued revenue growth.

Matt Pomeroy300x300

Matt Pomeroy

Director, Training & Sales 

TRADER Corporation

Getting Ahead of Change: Enhancing the Consumer Experience 

• How dealers can align the online to in-store experience for consumers

• Best practices and real world examples to innovate customer experience

• What dealers can do to evolve their purchase process to meet consumer demands


Jason Volny

National Training Manager


Modern Consumers Require Modern Salespeople

• Discover the expectations of the modern consumer, and the effect on their buying decision process

• Learn processes that lead to team growth, engagement, advancement and turnover reduction​

• ​Identify the needs of the modern workforce and how your dealership can improve branding and culture

Matt Wagner

Matt Wagner

Director of Sales


Your Digital Advertising and Reporting is Massively Flawed

• ​Learn how to take the guesswork out of your marketing and let technology do the heavy lifting

• ​Learn how to optimize your marketing program against sales

• ​Create a single source of truth to identify what part of your marketing spend is working and what's not to improve ROAS

Jay Radke

Jay Radke


Motor Dealers' Association of Alberta

CRM Hacks That Help You Run Your Business 

• ​​​How to identify whether your CRM is delivering its potential in terms of ROI

• ​​​​How to keep your CRM data up to date

• Discover how to share information and accountability across the organization

jp ostiguy 300x300

J.P. Ostiguy

Retail Operations Manager

Zanchin Automotive Group

Video in a Customer Centric World

• How to effectively use video as a medium and message your clients want.

• Effective ways to establish a video culture while keeping staff engaged and happy.

• Facetime and Google Duo - Do's and Don'ts.

• Brand your message through video testimonials that actually drive business.

Robert Karwel

Robert Karwel

Senior Manager

J.D. Power & Associates

The New and Used Vehicle Retail Market in Western Canada

• What is the current state of new and used vehicle retention in western Canada?

• What is the outlook for Canadian retail?

• What should dealers be doing to maximize returns for their dealerships?

Paul McCallum

Paul McCallum

Principal Consultant  


Gazing Through the Crystal Windshield: Innovation and Change Management Best Practices.

• ​Learn how to generate meaningful insights from your customers and employees

• ​Understand the process to manage change in your store

• ​Discover how to make change stick to continue evolving

Andrew James SEO

Andrew James

Marketing Manager


5 Steps to Facebook Marketing Success

• How to choose the right ad objective to achieve your goal

• Discover which ads to kill, and which ads to scale 

• ​Learn how to track and analyze your Facebook marketing ​ROI

Bart Wilson

Bart Wilson

Director of Media Sales


Change Management: A Systematic Approach To Transforming Your Dealership 

• ​​​How your dealership's culture impacts the customer's experience

• ​​Learn how to analyze the cultural landscape at each level of your dealership

• ​​Discover how to prepare for the unexpected and adjust when necessary

Kyle Orlando

Kyle Orlando


Adding Paid Social to Your Marketing Mix 

• Identify the low-hanging fruit and optimize your digital foundation

• Apply the four p's of marketing to your digital mix

• Learn how to measure success and read between the lines

Bri Newman DrivingSales Canadian Dealer Forum

Bri Newman

Director of Partnerships

The Minery Ltd.

Beyond Day 1: A Dealer's Guide to Retaining Millennials

• Identify and recognize the challenges of retaining Millennials in the current business environment.

• Improve how you engage Millennials beyond day one.

• Learn what core processes need to change within a dealership to leverage and create high-performing employees.

The Venue

The Westin, Calgary

Located within the heart of downtown Calgary, The Westin affords serene accommodations, spacious rooms and three outstanding restaurants.

Ask for the DrivingSales room block, or click here to book.

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