Creating Tattoo Worthy Brands

Tell a Story to Engage Your Audience

People are interested in stories. When there is no story built there is no income or intrigue. Your brand is the story that your customers tell.

What are people saying?

What do we want them to say?

What are we doing to get them to say it?

When an individual speaks of a company or product they like the company name is quickly replaced with the pronoun they. If there is no they story, there is no preference. We tend not to discuss products and things, we talk about how they treated us. Companies and products become humanized once we are comfortable with them.

You can sell people things, but how do you make them a vocal advocate of your brand? This has been what marketing has been trying to figure out for decades. Getting rid of flashy sales terminology will help people be more comfortable. Just tell an honest story about what your brand is trying to achieve and you’ll be surprised.

Visible passion is a magnetic reaction for everything. Give people a reason to choose your dealership. Tell your customers your story. If no story gets told, no demand gets built. Keep it simple. If people have to engage, think, or process data, information or technology then you have already lost.

To tell a compelling story focus on your audience. They are the single most important factor in determining if a story is good. Do your research, see what competitors are doing, then begin. Some A/B testing will be necessary to determine what sits well with your audience. It will also be important to create different stories for different demographics.

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