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Desktop is DOA. Three Ways to Take Your Digital Showroom to the Next Level

Over the past two years, automotive websites have become bloated with desktop-specific features, but only 30% of a dealership's traffic comes from a desktop computer. This leads to major issues with website mobile speed, and simplicity of UX for shoppers. As website developers, we need to walk the walk when it comes to mobile optimization and really give consumers the experience they've come to expect.

Key takeaways

  • Speed: Your website should be mobile-optimized and super fast (3.5 seconds load)
  • Simplicity: Your website should include native mobile functionality, like numeric keypads, omnipresent calls to action, and text to mobile
  • Control: Your website's CMS should allow you to make instant changes and preview those changes across a variety of devices, not just desktop or mobile

Cavan Robinson

OEM Product Manager