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The most innovative speakers to present topical insight for your dealership operations.

Keynote Speakers

Oli Gardner

Jay Acunzo
Unthinkable Media

The Iron Cowboy James Lawrence DrivingSales Executive Summit

James Lawrence
The Iron Cowboy

Darren Shaw

Joanna Batstone


Jared Hamilton


The power of thought-leadership collaboration.  DrivingSales presents astute automotive and dealership focused panels featuring cutting-edge topics from industry experts.


Jared Hamilton

Founder and CEO | DrivingSales

AI in Automotive

Artificial intelligence and machine learning are the latest buzz words in automotive.  This technology can  automate tasks and provide the dealership with valuable insight.

How can dealers use this automation and insight to enable trust and communication between your store and customers?  How can it help you make decisions?  Ultimately, how can it help you sell and service more cars?

Join industry experts as they present how their company are approaching artificial intelligence and machine learning to improve your dealership operations.

Jeremy Anspach

Founder and Executive Chairman | PureCars

Michael Markette

 CPO | CallRevu

Lance Schafer

Co-founder | LotLinx

Joe Chura

 CEO and Co-founder |

Dealer Inspire

Jared Hamilton

Founder and CEO | DrivingSales

Dominating Digital Retailing

Digital Retailing is a technology seeing rapid adoption in the dealership.  The benefits it provides can improve the customer experience for your store.  

How can you successfully implement Digital Retailing?  What impact will it have on your vehicle grosses?  

We've compiled three experts in Digital Retailing to provide you with progressive insights.  Focusing on the website, communication, and finance portions of Digital Retailing, this panel will wrestle with the problems dealers experience as they jump into the technology and present how you can build a strategy that will win with online shoppers.


Pete MacInnis

Founder and CEO | eLEND Solutions

Andy MacLeay

Director of Digital Marketing | Dealer.com

Dave Page

Owner | Dealer e Process

Most Valuable Insight

Each year at DrivingSales President's Club, vendors compete for the title of Most Valuable Insight. The Most Valuable Insight is awarded to the company who presents research and data on how to solve a dealership pain point or capitalize on an opportunity.  The winner gets to present this insight on the main stage at DSES.

Matt Weinberg | Drive Motors

Discover How Optimizing for Ecommerce Can Increase PVR by $700

  • How to utilize all the tools available to dealers today that will set you up for future successes and competitive advantages
  • Discover specific ways to optimize for ecommerce that can help you sell 25% more F&I upgrades
  • Learn how leveraging ecommerce that can create a customer experience that is easier, faster and more transparent while streamlining your sales and F&I processes

Breakout Speakers

Human Capital

Nicolle Lamb

Nicolle Lamb | Dealer Inspire

Millennial Problem Solvers: How to Lead the New Generation

  • Learn how to identify and create core tenets that will become the foundation of your culture
  • Discover how to find the kind of people for your culture
  • See how to retain experienced talent
andy church150x150

Andy Church | ASE Americas

Creating Pay Plans that Drive Profitability

  • Learn how managers can drive employee performance through pay plan design
  • Understand how to stop the, "I need a raise, Boss" and show employees the keys to increased earnings
  • Learn how to create pay plans where employees, managers, and the dealership all win
Jason Volny

Jason Volny | DrivingSales

Plan to Train or Plan to Fail: Your Sales Managers Need to be Sales Leaders

  • Discover the competencies needed to manage people
  • Gain insight on the tools and knowledge necessary to build a successful leader
  • Learn the framework for turning your managers into leaders
Subi Ghosh 150x150

Subi Ghosh | Stream Companies

Building and Deploying a Real Dealership Culture, not Pipedream One

  • Identify and assess internal and external cultures
  • Understand the Five Pillars for a Strong Dealership Culture
  • Navigate breaking silos, bridging departments and improving communication

Katie Wagner | Johnson Motors & Ford

Building Your BDC: Go Beyond "Smiler and Dialer" 

  • Learn how to properly recruit and hire BDC Agents
  • Discover how to reward performance and creativity
  • Gain insight on building a career map

Candice Crane | People Strategist

What is People Strategy and Why It Empowers Digital Retailing

  • Discover why the traditional organizational structure isn’t aligned to digital retailing
  • Identify the four concepts of people strategy that will ensure your team wins
  • Define your plan for the future with help from the early adopters

Fixed Operations

Jim Roche | Xtime  

How to Turn One-Time Visitors into Lifetime Customers 

  • Improve customer retention and loyalty
  • Fuel profitable growth through fixed operations
  • Create a premium vehicle ownership experience that consumers demand
Tom Druzynski

Dave Druzynski | Auto/Mate

Tom Druzynski | West Herr Auto Group  

How to Win the Fixed Ops Talent War

  • Create a comprehensive recruiting program without losing profit margin
  • Build and market a culture and employment brand that attracts top talent
  • Create professional development programs design to retain employees

Drake Baerresen | TurnKey Marketing   

Fixed Ops Marketing: Stop Wasting Your Money on Elusive Elixirs

  • Learn how to use transaction based advertising with improved content and targeting
  • Learn enhanced voice search, go-to lead generation techniques, and social optimization methods
  • Simple techniques to increase your closing ratio
Colleen Harris 150x150

Colleen Harris | CDK Global   

Driving Service Customers from Your Website to Your Service Bay

  • Create an organic content strategy that answers the "why" behind specific repair questions
  • Build a service offering menu on your website that highlights the value of your dealership compared to local shops
  • Gain strategies for using your DMS as customer audiences for service offer retargeting

Human Capital

Customer Experience

Brent Wees Joe Webb

Brent Wees | Nextup

Joe Webb | DealerKnows

The Results are In - You're Not the Father (of the Sale): How Your Attribution Strategy is Affecting Your Customer's Experience

  • Understand why a solid Customer Experience Strategy should be your primary focus
  • Build a robust Customer Experience Strategy during the session
  • Learn what transaction data you should be looking at in order to make the most out of the opportunities occurring at your dealership
Carla Fitzgerald 150x150

Carla Fitzgerald | Spireon

Next Generation Automotive Customer Lifecycle: How Connectivity is Transforming the Buying Experience for Consumers and Dealers Alike

  • Identify blindspots in the automotive lifecycle, and learn which factors most affect the purchase process
  • Learn about data relating to how dealerships manage inventory and its impact on sales
  • Uncover notable trends and insights critical to shaping the future car buying and maintenance
Mark Tewart 150x150

Mark Tewart  | Tewart Enterprises

Eliminating the Time Vampires that Kill Productivity and Profits

  • Discover how to eliminate widely accepted time management methods that are actually counter-productive for them and the customer experience
  • Learn how your standard sales processes make the process too long and how it can be modernized for a better experience
  • Learn how to restructure daily actions that will provide more productive interactions with team members and customers
Jason Barrie150x150

Jason Barrie | Dealertrack 

Improving F&I Processes to Meet Changing Customer Expectations

  • Identify ways to make the most of customer's time in the dealership
  • Improve customer experience by making presentations interactive and personal
  • Foster a dealership culture that embraces process changes

David Zwick | Solera/Redcap 

What if You Could be Everywhere?

  • Understand how to deliver on the experience the customer has come to expect
  • What the future of transportation looks like and how to evolve
  • Increasing retention by providing the ultimate customer experience

Amit Chandarana | Roadster 

5 Mistakes to Avoid with Digital Retailing

  • Developing your long-term digitization plan
  • Preparing your team for the transition and redefine roles for the future
  • Building consumer trust in your omnichannel sales model

Jake Wittler | Cars.com 

How Dealers Can Win in the Era of Super Platforms

  • How super platforms such as Amazon and Facebook are changing automotive retail
  • How dealers can win by empowering your people
  • Ways dealers can become more savvy about digital
  • Advanced Marketing


    Paul Daly | Congruent  

    A Crash Course in Dealership Branding

    • Learn how to utilize empathy to communicate more effectively with your local audience
    • Discover how branding a dealership like an empathetic company creates added value and visibility in YOUR community
    • Gain an understanding of your store's position in the buyer's personal narrative
    Jon Petron 150x150

    Jon Petron | Outsell   

    Paul Schnell | Wilsonville Toyota

    Sleepers: How to Maximize the Hidden Value of Your Database

    • Discover how to capitalize on all the data in your CRM and DMS
    • Learn how much of the average dealer's database is comprised of unsold leads and what they can yield when brought back to life
    • Learn how marketing automation brings dead leads back to life
    sean-stapleton 300x300

    Sean Stapleton | Dealer Teamwork

    Mastering Modern-Day Lead Generation

    • Optimize your website for lead generation
    • Learn modern tactics for lead generation
    • Discover how to stop relying on 3rd party lead providers and generate leads for yourself
    Adam Thrasher 150x150

    Adam Thrasher | R22

    We're Going Vertical!

    • Learn how to use your mobile phone to create epic video content
    • Understand how to create value for your prospects and current customers to increase sales and retention
    • See how to equip your video team for under $300
    Dane Saville 150x150

    Dane Saville | Reunion Marketing

    Relevance is King: How Your Content Can Save You Money, Build Your Traffic and Convert Your Browsers

    • Understand how content across channels can save you money on PPC
    • Learn content building tactics that leverage search console and AdWords
    • See how to use data from Google Analytics to Direct Your Content Strategy
    Silvia Potempa 2018 300x300

    Silvia Potempa | Saxon Horne, Larry H Miller

    Four Facebook Advertising Strategies You Need to Utilize

    • Learn the four Facebook ad types that will increase your business
    • Discover the successful copy, content and targeting for Facebook and Instagram
    • Understand how to track attributed events for sales and service on Facebook
    Steve White 300x300

    Steve White | Clarivoy

    Marketing Data Utilization: 6 Insights to Sell More, Spend Less, and Overwhelm Your Competition

    • How to use your CRM data for attribution
    • Last-click vs multi-touch attributed sales
    • The importance of using benchmarking in your measurement
    • Using modern metrics to evaluate vendor performance
    • How to test if your vendors are attribution-friendly
    Scott Meyer 150x150

    Scott Meyer | 9 Clouds 

    Dynamic, Scalable Facebook Ads

    • Discover how to set up dynamic Facebook ads that are updated automatically based on inventory feed
    • Learn how to integrate Facebook ads with your CRM for quick follow-up and ROI measurement
    • See how to build a scalable content calendar of Facebook ads for automotive groups

     Dave Rowe | Dealer Inspire

    Bullets for Page Speed

    • Is page speed still a relevant benchmark? Short answer - Yes!
    • Learn to evaluate what could be hurting your site
    • How to have "The Talk" with your provider and vendors

    Human Capital

    Inventory Management

    Brian Finkelmeyer

    Brian Finkelmeyer | vAuto

    Winning the Zero Sum Game in New Cars

    • Apply market insights to align new vehicle inventory to current customer demand
    • Design a transparency-focused pricing and marketing strategy to capture customer interest
    • Provide an in-store sales experience that matches customer expectations initiated online
    Jason Knight 150x150

    Jason Knight | LotLinx

    Mike Meyer | Lundgren Honda Auburn/Greenfield

    The Secret to Moving Used Vehicles Faster without Touching Price: Watch Your Gross Margins Grow with This Key Strategy

    • Master the process of tailoring strategies to reach higher used car sales without touching price
    • Gain an understanding of why proper merchandising is the most powerful tool for tackling used inventory challenges
    • Learn how you can find, track, and analyze your existing website data to lead to better vehicle visibility, sales rate, and retention of gross margin
    Russell Lemmer 150x150

    Russell Lemmer | Dealerware

    Making Sense of Mobility, From Service Loaners to Subscription.  How to Mine Profits While Avoiding Pitfalls

    • Learn if subscription is right for your dealership
    • Discover what competencies are needed in order to capitalize on mobility and how you move from unit economics to customer economics to maximize profits
    • Understand the nuanced economics behind mobility.  What is at stake?  What does it mean for you dealership?  What skills and tools must your dealership have?
    Russ Daniels 300x300

    Russ Daniels | HomeNet

    Connecting the Dots between Effective Online Merchandising and Profitable Growth

    • What are the best practices and insights in today's marketplace that are leading to successful online merchandising?
    • How will recent trends in Social Media, Personalization and Interactive Content play a role in the near future with car shoppers?
    • What trends are appearing now with technology and car shopper behavior that will play a role in the future of online merchandising?

    Paul Potratz | POTRATZ

    The Used Car Marketing Blueprint: Increase Sales Without Spending More

    • What are the best marketing/ad platforms that will increase used car sales, leads and gross profit?
    • What specific ad messages work best in paid search, social media and email marketing?
    • How to find and avoid the most common pitfalls that negatively affect the majority of dealers
    • Why it's important you don't spend more in advertising or hire more vendors

    Expert Marketing

    Greg Gifford

    Greg Gifford | DealerOn

    The Goonies Guide to Local SEO Rich Stuff

    • Learn how Local SEO is absolutely necessary for showing up in mobile searches
    • Learn how to optimize for Local (and mobile), with specific instructions for each important element
    • Learn how to prepare for the future, as mobile becomes the primary search location

    Richard Simard | Dealer Inspire

    A Crash Course in Advanced Browser Tools

    • Using free tools to visualize changes on your website
    • Fast-tracking or directly applying changes that you need for your marketing campaigns
    • Write your own CSS and bypass support!

    Peter Quinones | Warren Henry Automotive

    Advanced Marketing Tools and Tactics

    • Learn the advanced KPIs and how to manage them
    • Discover paid and free tools to analyze and extrapolate insight
    • Understand how to evaluate all of your data in an effective manner, avoiding Analysis Paralysis

     Eric Miltsch | Dealer Teamwork

    9.5 Things Your Dealer 20 Group Isn't Telling You About Digital Marketing (And You Need to Know to be More Competitive

    • The real secret to leveraging navigation links properly to increase user experience and SEO performance on both mobile and desktop
    • The ABCs of Conversions: Acquisition, Behavior, and Conversion Strategy and what goes into each
    • How back-links work, why they're important, and what many people are doing wrong

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