Why You Should Apply To Speak At DSES

As times change and new technology and strategies develop, those in the automotive industry can’t cling to the past. Just because it worked in the past doesn’t mean it will work today, or be effective. Plus, the days are busy and long, leaving little time to explore things like new sales approaches and marketing techniques, among others.

Enter the DrivingSales Executive Summit, a three-day conference where dealership professionals, vendors, and automotive experts gather to learn the latest strategies, mingle, network, and - for those who wish to share their experiences in the industry - teach.

Why should you speak at the DrivingSales Executive Summit?

1. You'll gain experience public speaking

At the very least, speaking at DSES will give you more experience with public speaking, an invaluable skill in many careers. Strengthening your public speaking ability can carry over and improve overall communication, a key skill for team leads and managers.

2. You'll set yourself apart

You don’t want to blend in; you want to stand out, and DSES is a great opportunity to let yourself shine.

Pick a topic you know well - and something that will set you apart from the crowd. What unique experiences do you have to offer? What have you learned that will help other dealers and industry experts?

Find your niche, something that only you as a conference speaker can provide, and let the show begin.

3. You'll build your brand

What better place to get your name (or your business’s name) out there than a large, progressive automotive conference?

Speaking at DSES is a great opportunity to promote your company, product, or even yourself - so long as it’s relevant, of course.

Plus, it’s an excellent way to find new business and connect with potential clients. And, if you’re aiming high when it comes to your future career, being a speaker at DSES could attract positive attention from potential employers.

4. You'll take advantage of a great platform

DSES is not your average conference; as a speaker, you will be addressing an audience unlike any other in automotive retail, with 30 percent more dealer executives in attendance than most other industry events (excluding NADA).

And, in addition to sharing your own experiences and knowledge, you’ll be able to listen to and learn from other leading industry experts.

For more information about speaking at DrivingSales Executive Summit, click here.



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