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DrivingSales Featured Webinars Archive

DrivingSales Webinars showcase the most experienced and knowledgeable presenters to support your continuing education in the automotive business. Keep yourself in the loop.

Over the past two years, automotive websites have become bloated with desktop-specific features, but only 30% of a dealership's traffic comes from a desktop computer. This leads to major issues with website mobile speed, and simplicity of UX for shoppers. As website developers, we need to walk the walk when it comes to mobile optimization and really give consumers the experience they've come to expect.

Today’s customers want more control over the car buying process. 3 out of 4 are willing to complete the entire process online. But digital retailing alone isn’t enough. Dealers need to integrate ecommerce into their growth strategies. We analyzed over 10,000 online car orders and discovered that dealers sell 25% more F&I upgrades and increase PVR by over $700 when they optimize their sales process and operations for ecommerce. 

Dealerships exist in a perfectly competitive market. They sell an identical product at a near-identical price and because of this, to win customers, they have to compete primarily on customer experience. If this is true, your dealership has to be the most convenient for customers to work with.

The majority of car buyers have done most of their research and decision making before ever stepping foot in a dealership. 

We will discuss how correctly messaging customers on the right channels can bridge the information gap and help your dealership convert website visitors into paying customers.

Google My Business has been positioned to be extremely influential in digital marketing. Reunion Marketing and Contact-at-Once conducted studies that will help dealerships establish best practices for getting the most out of this platform.

Disconnected data is hurting dealerships. It results in websites that cannot provide a fully optimized, personalized experience for customers, and in data silos that make determining ROI on marketing spend nearly impossible. We will first take a deeper look at the impact of this problem, and then dive into solutions on the horizon with the data revolution coming to automotive. 

Imagine seeing millions shoppers browsing for vehicles across automotive sites on multiple devices in your local market. Then capturing exactly what each person was shopping for, gleaning insight in to their trade-in is, what their price point is, along with which vehicles are being crossed shopped. 

The way retailers approach traditional sales pipelines of Internet, walk-ins, and inbound calls is changing. We will share and recommend ways to personalize the sales experience to every customer. 

Car shoppers have spent more than 13 hours researching vehicles online before they even visit your showroom, and 65% would consider buying entirely online. They didn’t drive to your showroom to do more research on a kiosk; they drove there to speak with an expert and see the product in person. Learn how to invest in your team and leverage the right tools to deliver the seamless “click & mortar” experience shoppers crave.

Understanding different types of people remains a key skill for selling cars. In a time when consumers are increasingly doing their research on their own, primarily online, wouldn't it be great to have a head start on understanding some key buyer segments?

First impressions are everlasting. You spend a great deal of time and money to curate the perfect experience for shoppers coming to your dealership and your sales team should reflect that. Did you know that the average American experiences "wardrobe panic" at least 36 times per year? Dressing for success means increased confidence and a confident sales team is sure to close more deals. 

Based on consumer research, the data is undeniable. The traditional "Road to the Sale" is not aligned with how customers want to buy, but there is a way to successfully navigate the challenges presented by today's buyers and to sell more cars, more profitably. The role of the internet has fundamentally changed the way that customers want to shop and purchase once they step foot in your dealership—they want more convenience and less frustration. 

Today's car shopper is not going to make a purchase using the same behavior they did 5 years ago. 72% of consumers are unhappy with the buying process at the dealership and are spending more time researching potential purchases online. This webinar will serve as an opportunity for dealers to step back and learn what must be done to evaluate their digital marketing to ensure they are reaching car buyers in 2018..

From discovery to purchase, your customers have changed the way they buy and service their vehicles. They're on social media, searching for you and Google, shopping on Facebook Marketplace, and expect immediate responses - - not by phone or email. 89% of consumers prefer to communicate through messaging - -whether by cell phone or a messaging app, like Facebook Messenger. Ads, AI, and social media influence every part of the consumer journey and drive more traffic to your showroom and service lane.

Based on consumer research, the data is undeniable. The traditional "Road to the Sale" is not aligned with how customers want to buy, but there is a way to successfully navigate the challenges presented by today's buyers and to sell more cars, more profitably. The role of the internet has fundamentally changed the way that customers want to shop and purchase once they step foot in your dealership—they want more convenience and less frustration. 

While a vast majority of the car-buying process is happening online, there comes a time when your customers will eventually need to take that process offline. Dealerships that are winning are providing consumers with a number of different options to connect and drive them to the dealership, including text, web chat, email, phone, and others..

Businessman to touch in peak of Business graph on abstract blur

Learn how to easily turn sales staff into product experts and how to build confidence and trust with customers so they’ll choose you over others and purchase cars at asking price. 

We all know that consumers want more convenience when it comes to car buying. It's why digital retailing is such a hot topic. But instead of debating whether digital retailing is good or bad for dealers, let's talk about the bigger picture of conversational commerce and how you can help reduce frustrations for consumers during this process while building even more relationships.

The path from offline marketing to online browsing is seamless today. Savvy digital marketers are weaving offline and online presence together with messaging to build relationships with shoppers whenever and wherever they’re ready to connect.

How do you deliver an unforgettable experience to the consumers who have been neglected in your dealership’s database? Explore “The Great Ignored” and why it is at your dealership’s peril to attempt the enormous task of individualized communications & content personalization without assistance.

As all car dealers know, the holiday season is crunch-time for meeting end-of-year sales goals, which means now is the time to prepare campaigns that will lead to a lucrative season.

Is your dealership utilizing its team to increase efficiencies and productivity? If not, you need to foster a team dynamic for a number of reasons. More than 85 percent of all workplace failures have been attributed to lack of collaboration and/or ineffective communication.

Learn how using data you currently have, to make data-driven decisions, can impact gross profit and increase vehicle turn-rate. We will discuss the simple, yet effective ways you can use metrics to help eliminate waste in ad spend and increase overall digital efficiency. Whether you’re digitally savvy or a technophobe, you will benefit from this dealer-centric session.

More than ever before, effective communications rely on context and relevancy. Consumers are hit with 600 messages on a given day – can technology help make your message stand out?

How do you choose a vendor or agency that is right for you? How do you sort through the marketing and sales hype? And how can you tell which vendor will be with you for the long haul and which will disappear after the sale?

Matthew Welch, GM Auburn Volkswagen, joins Outsell and DrivingSales for this webinar to discuss the changing nature of digital marketing and how auto dealers can maximize customer retention and expand their reach by utilizing marketing automation.

Many dealers are overloaded and overwhelmed with data. So much so they don’t even know where to begin when starting to look at the data. Despite that, in an ever digital-focused marketing world, data really should be driving every decision you make with your marketing and advertising at your dealership.In this webinar, we will focus on how to implement processes to consistently collect data, what to do with the data once you have it, and how to translate that data into action at your dealership.

In this webinar from MAXDigital, Patrick shares how dealerships are increasing sales and protecting gross profits through focusing on value and using pricing proof points. Attendees will be coached through easy-to-follow evidence-based selling techniques—a critical approach to take with customers who have spent up to 12 hours researching online before stepping into the showroom. He also covers recent industry dynamics, as well as research around trust and transparency at dealerships, and how these factors can impact profits if sales teams aren’t prepared for them. This session is a must-see for dealers who want to learn how to “Stop the Drop” in gross profits and sell more vehicles.