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Advanced Strategies to Dominate Your

Conquest Marketing

Sales and service conquest campaigns can be an effective way to attract new sales and service customer. Let’s face it, despite your best marketing efforts, a small percentage of customers drop out of your DMS or CRM every day. Over time, small percentages add up to large percentages. Conquest marketing can be expensive if not executed correctly. How can you build a strategy that is effective without breaking the bank?

Having the right data is only the first step in an effective conquest strategy. The next step is knowing what to do with the data. In sales and service conquest campaigns, use of third-party data is essential for long-term growth of your customer database and revenue. It also helps you better understand your customers and what drives them to engage with your brand. In this webinar you’ll learn the most effective strategies for leveraging third-party data to increase marketing reach, frequency, response rates and ROI.

Webinar Three Takeaways:

1. Evaluate how effectively you're using third-party data in your current marketing campaigns

2. Learn creative conquest strategies designed to attract and retain new sales and service customers

3. How third-party data can be combined with a digital, omni-channel approach to increase reach, frequency, response rates and ROI

Courtney Evans

Vice President of Product Marketing 

Courtney Evans is the VP of Marketing Product for Affinitiv, where she oversees product suite performance, product development and new product launches. In her time with Affinitiv, she has served in several roles including Director of the Client Care team and member of the Dealer Product Service team. Courtney's expertise includes process efficiencies, platform development, contract development, client relations and major OEM programs. She has more than 10 years of automotive and leadership experience.