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DrivingSales Webinars

Showcasing the most experienced and knowledgeable presenters to support your continuing education in the automotive business. Keep yourself in the loop.

Hyper-Local Predictions for Automotive Retail

 Amy Hughes from Experian is the 2019 winner of the Most Valuable Insight Contest. She will be presenting data on hyper-local predictions for the health of automotive retail. If you missed her presentation at DrivingSales Executive Summit this year, be sure to register

Webinar Takeways:

1. First, you will learn how we predict the number of new car sales that will occur in a 15-mile radius around your store.

2. Next, we further support that prediction by explaining the in-market signals your customers will be demonstrating, such as a customer with a lease expiration.

3. Finally, you will learn which marketing channels and messages will help you best connect with these customers, before they are in the market.