Investing in People

Grow Your Bottom Line by Growing Your People

Where do investments make the biggest difference in your corporation?

The answer for every industry is people. Providing your people with a competitive salary as well as an opportunity to make more during certain seasons or situations will go a long way in retention. A compelling place to work creates a compelling place to shop, which gives people a compelling place to invest. John Boudreau shared his human capital knowledge with us at DSES in 2016.

When you are hiring staff it is helpful to create personas, just as you would for customers, to ascertain the culture you wish to create. Connect people to the way you compete/create value.

A position can change when you change strategy. John quoted Starbucks CEO, Howard Schultz, who said:  "You can't expect your employees to exceed the expectations of your customers if you don't exceed your employees expectations of management.”  Provide your employees with world class treatment and they will provide your customers with the same.

Pivotal and important are different. All jobs are important, but only some are pivotal. Your most pivotal employee can change based upon the situation, but is most often the first employee that your customers interact with either online or in person. They represent your entire brand in that brief encounter. Where can improving something make the biggest difference? Your front line.

Enhancing the engagement of your employees does pay off. The pivotal role that the front line plays in any business is often overlooked. As a company it is important to determine what role the front plays in your org chart and to constantly looking at ways to keep them engaged and excited about your brand.

Look at your job requirements, boil them down to their 10 or so most important tasks. Which of those ten requirements will disappear, will be the same, and which ones will be pivotal in ten years? Only you can answer that question for your dealership. Determine how a change in strategy or concept can alter your brand and improve your employees experience, which will improve your customer experience.

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