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Plan to train or plan to fail: Grow your sales managers into sales leaders

February 5, 2019
3:00 pm EDT / 12:00 pm PDT

Who taught our sales managers how to lead? Who taught them how to develop and engage our millennial workforce? If your answer is, "they learned by watching the managers before them," you are right. However, what worked for Generation X is accelerating our revolving door in this competitive workforce marketplace. It's the perfect storm, we can't get anyone to apply to sell cars, and if we do get them, we can't get them to stay.

We've all been saying this for years. We promote our top sales people to be our sales managers, however, the competencies to sell a car are different from ones to lead and manage people. It's not a newsflash that great companies have great leaders and managers. Just like it's our sales manager's job to develop our sales force, it's the dealer principal's and general manager's job to develop our sales managers. It's time we give our managers the tools and the knowledge necessary to deliver high-level results through people and give our organizations a sustainable competitive advantage. Turn your managers into leaders.

Key takeaways

1. Identify the needs of modern consumers from our current workforce.
2. Gain a better understanding of the misalignment between the consumer, manager, and a salesperson.
3. A framework that you can implement and turn your culture into a leadership-building machine.

Jason Volny

National Training Manager


Jason Volny is a national training manager for DrivingSales. His sixteen-year career in the automotive world, coupled with his desire to research and innovate historical and immediate industry practices, contributes to the ongoing future growth of the industry professionals. His keen understanding of Human Capital Management amplifies the growth of future industry leaders. His sales manager, finance manager, and sales person pedigree, provided him with the necessary experience to question the status quo.