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Predictive Analytics

Reduce Your Digital AdSpend From 35-60% By Using Predictive Analytics

November 6, 2018

1:00 pm EDT / 10:00 am PDT

Imagine seeing millions shoppers browsing for vehicles across automotive sites on multiple devices in your local market. Then capturing exactly what each person was shopping for, gleaning insight in to their trade-in is, what their price point is, along with which vehicles are being crossed shopped. Essentially seeing the path to purchase and Predicting which shoppers are going to convert to a lead or sale in the shortest time at the least expense.

Isn’t this what Amazon does in retail?

Then imagine an AI platform powered by Amazon's Sagemaker, leveraged to boil down 140 Million data points per hour scoring from each shopper’s cross-device browsing behavior in to actionable automotive shoppers. Seamlessly and ultra efficiently delegating your marketing $ towards the prospects most likely to convert at a fraction of what your dealership was previously spending.

A turn-key All-in-one Marketing Automation platform which does all the work for your dealership; dynamically building and targeting omni-channel ads, themed to each shopper's “wants" determined by how the AI scored their cross-device browsing behavior through out the purchasing funnel. Whether the shopper was looking for a SUV which can accommodate his or her growing family with concerns centered around both safety and getting the most for their trade-in, or a "social proof" reviews oriented service customer, the platform makes these examples of captured behavior, actionable in near real-time Omni-channel; Display, Social FB/Instagram, Paid Search, eMail & Direct Mail even OTTV Video & Programmatic Radio.

Walk-in Attribution & Path To Purchase 

No all-in-one platform would be complete with out attribution.  The problem is everyone is claiming credit for the lead or sale and in most cases it has become more difficult to determine which vendor really contributed.  We asked the question; How can any vendor claim attribution with out giving you a holistic view of the consumers path to purchase?  What websites and content did your shoppers interact with before, and on the way to your dealership website.  What did they do while on your site? And after? This is solved in part leveraging Amazon.  By fueling Amazon's Sagemaker Machine Learning with our proprietary data-set our platform is able to builds profiles, inclusive of each "consumers" cross-device path to purchase right down to when "he" or "she" walked-in to your showroom, even if they never submitted a lead or made a call.  

Turn the fear of Amazon's dominance in all verticals to your dealership's strength.  Turn Amazon from competitor to an unwitting ally who can provide your dealership with a game changing early mover advantage.  

Key takeaways:

  1. Predictive Selling Is Now Possible - Amazon & Google have changed the world by recently providing the AI tools to make your Dealership's Marketing Automated, Efficient & Cost Effective. We will show you how our platform fueled with proprietary shoppers cross-device browsing behavior can seamlessly, and in a proven statistically significant way determine which prospects are most likely to convert to a lead and ultimately a sale, for the least possible cost per conversion. 
  2. Personalized, Omni-Channel Dynamically Created vehicle, sales and service ads are built and targeted by the AI powered platform hands free, on the fly, across every medium in near real-time.
  3. Walk-in Attribution & Your Shoppers Path To Purchase is no longer a unicorn only seen in vendor pitches.

Jeffrey Tognetti 300x300

Jeff Tognetti

Product Development Lead


Jeff started focusing on marketing automation in 2003 after selling his pioneering high frequency equity trading platform established in the mid 1990's. He saw parallels between "Wall Street Trading" and "Modern Day Digital Advertising" which led to the beginnings of his company's innovation as a well seasoned upstart. In 2013 he started "DealerX" as an offshoot of his broader focused mar-tech company to exclusively manage businesses in the automotive vertical. In just a few short years DealerX has grown to serve 1,000’s of Tier 3 dealerships across all brands, regional ad groups and OEMs which include Volkswagen of America.

His primary role of product development and keen approach to data, machine learning and programmatic initiatives have led DealerX to quickly become the most savvy player in the space. DealerX has helped automotive retailers save millions of dollars by avoiding fraud, eliminating wasteful ad-spend thereby targeting consumers more efficiently. In doing so, our clients outperform the more "generic" and "one size fits all" offerings that currently operate in the space.