Strengthen Your Culture

Develop Processes to Reduce Turnover

There are so many things that provide value to a dealership. Search marketing, social media, data and analytics, responsive selling, and inventory management are the most common technologies used in dealerships. The biggest differentiator for every one of the categories is your people.

Turnover is a tax on your business. High turnover is not caused by a payment problem.

It is caused by a competency problem and a career path problem.  It may not be an expense that shows up on your financial statement, but it permeates throughout your entire organization.

There are 5 easy steps to ensure that you will be able to give your employees the tools necessary to be successful in your dealership.

  1. Assess their temperament

  2. Plan with a career map

  3. Develop curriculum

  4. Measure performance

  5. Reward short and long term alignment

Implement these steps and then follow them to create a competency framework for your business.

Sometimes individuals don’t fit the culture within your organization. To combat hiring those who don’t fit your culture: know your mission, know the outcomes, and then know how you are going to measure performance. Identify, evaluate, and then accentuate the behaviors needed for success. If you do this during your hiring process it will save you a headache later down the road.

Experience does not equal competency. Some people might be rockstars with some organizations but that doesn’t mean they will be with yours. Give all employees the tools necessary to achieve. Use your mission statement to determine expected outcomes. Use expected outcomes to come up with specific measurements. Use your measurements to determine processes that your employees can use to be successful. Your dealership is only as strong as its processes.

When you provide your people with the tools to grow their career they will do everything in their power to grow your business.

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