Unmarketing with Customer Interaction

Engage Your Customers to Build Your Brand

Here is the sad truth.  You don’t control your brand.  You can determine its direction, but your customers are the one that define it.  Let’s face it: Nobody cares about your logo except you.

Every piece of experience, or lack of experience, is representative of your brand. Marketing is not a singular task, it happens with every interaction  To improve your bottom line, improve your front line. They are the most influential marketers you have.

Having employees who are passionate about what they are doing will create a better experience for everyone involved. Passion plus knowledge equals profit. Providing passion for your employees is difficult from day to day. That will rely on the culture you choose to create for your company. Providing your employees with a work environment where they feel confident will help your brand grow.

Regardless of your job role, you can be awesome and impact your brand.   You are responsible for providing an experience in your dealership that delights customers.  People want experiences more than things. When you provide them with experiences they are more likely to purchase vehicles and complete more service with you. Remember, nobody cares about your logo. They care about their experience.

It’s about engagement and conversation. Talk with people, not at them. Real time conversations can happen if you listen. Social media has an ROI, but you need to find it, it is not created. By being present you are able to engage and be a voice in the space. You can still do other forms of marketing and advertising, but by engaging with people without selling them you are showing that your brand cares.

If for some unfortunate reason your social presence does make a mistake, own up to them. You will help your brand. When bad things happen you can’t change the fact that you are in the spotlight. But you can change how you react to them.

Your people, regardless of department, are your marketers. The experience that customers receive in person and online will be more important to them than whatever your logo is. Make sure your brand cares.

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