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DrivingSales Webinars

Showcasing the most experienced and knowledgeable presenters to support your continuing education in the automotive business. Keep yourself in the loop.

Thursday - May 10th, 2018

1:00 pm Eastern / 10:00 am Pacific

​We all know that consumers want more convenience when it comes to car buying. It's why digital retailing is such a hot topic. But instead of debating whether digital retailing is good or bad for dealers, let's talk about the bigger picture of conversational commerce and how you can help reduce frustrations for consumers during this process while building even more relationships.

Key takeaways:

  • Why forcing digital customers into analog conversations could cost your dealership sales (and how to correct it).
  • What a strong digital retailing strategy includes, and how your team fits in.
  • How to deploy a "tango" approach that gives consumers the best responses in the fastest time possible.
  • How your team can use this approach to build more lifelong customer relationships.
Ed Parkinson 300x300

Ed Parkinson

Director, Dealer Development

Ed has been working with car dealers for 27 years, championing many new services that "move the needle" for his customers. He helped pioneer the use of call tracking and measurements to increase sales and quantify the return on marketing during his seven years at Who's Calling Inc. Ed began selling and coaching auto dealers on digital messaging technologies in 2006 and joined Contact At Once! in 2007. He holds a B.B.A in Marketing and Management from Temple University.