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DrivingSales Webinars

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Win the Trade with the "Why": How More Transparency Can Lead to More Profit

Today’s consumer demands a high level of transparency and independent validation in the dealership experience, especially with the valuation of their trade-in. There’s significant friction in the appraisal process because consumers naturally feel that their vehicle is valued at the top of the market and dealers must set realistic expectations. On top of that, offering high levels of transparency and balancing profitability can be challenging. This session will provide specific tactics that enable you to be transparent and profitable.

Webinar Three Takeaways:

1. Understand the pain points and expectations of the trade consumer
2. Identify specific tactics to engage the trade consumer online to increase showroom visits
3. Explore innovative methods to validate the trade offer during the walk around

Kerri Wise

Vice President, Industry Education and Relations


Kerri Wise is Vice President, Industry Education and Relations at TrueCar. Her automotive career spans 20 years, establishing herself as an expert on today’s evolving automotive consumer and the best practices on marketing and selling them. Kerri is a regular speaker at major industry conferences and currently leads a team that develops relevant industry content, insights and best practices, evangelizing them at conferences, regional training events, webinars and publications. Her team also oversees TrueCar’s online dealer learning center, TrueCar University. Prior to joining TrueCar, Kerri spent 4 years at Edmunds.com and 12 years at J.D. Power and Associates.