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Building a Digital Marketing Game Plan for the Second Half of 2019

It’s Halftime… Do You Have a Winning Game Plan for the 2nd Half of 2019?

In this webinar, we will review your digital marketing game plan for the 1st half of the year and show you how to determine what worked and what didn't.You’ll learn how to develop a winning game plan for the rest of 2019 and help you build a process to implement a successful marketing plan. Then we will help you establish how to implement a digital marketing  plan discussing what your biggest opportunities are around digital marketing.

Today it is more important than ever to effectively use digital marketing to your advantage. Get ready to dominate the second half of 2019! This webinar that will show you how to end the year on a winning note.

The year is half over, are you on track with your forecast?

Webinar Takeaways:

1.What Marketing Mistakes Were Made in the First Half of 2019

2. ​​Easy Layups to Start Implementing Today

3. Slam Dunk Digital Marketing Strategies

Wesley Miller

Director of Major Accounts & Channel Partnerships

LivePerson Automotive

With a passion for all things automotive, Wesley enjoys empowering dealers across the country by consulting with them on Google Analytics, their branding on social media, reaching consumers through “conversational commerce” (messaging/chat) and spending their digital dollars wisely on paid/organic search.

Wesley is putting his 10+ years experience in automotive and digital marketing to work for LivePerson Automotive. As the Director of Major Accounts and Channel Partnerships, he lives in Alpharetta, GA, and is responsible for a team of Senior Account Executives and Account Managers handling the top mega major accounts across the country. Recently at LPA, Wesley spearheaded the Channel Partnership Program and is ecstatic to work with top automotive agencies and independent consultants to promote the LivePerson brand and product suite.

George Nenni

Founder and Principal Consultant

Generations Digital

With three decades of IT and automotive experience, George Nenni educates the automotive industry about emerging technology by writing, speaking and sharing his vision for how dealers can maintain a competitive edge. George has spent countless hours over his automotive career with dealers training them in-store on best practices, digital marketing ROI analysis, and adoption of new technologies. Today George is principal consultant with Generations Digital, automotive dealers reduce waste and improve the effectiveness of their digital marketing