Crafting Company Culture

Inspire Employee Happiness and Engagement to Wow your Customers

What are your company values? Can every employee from top to bottom reiterate them?

Your company’s brand will end up being the people you hire. Develop your people. Help your employees make the right decisions. Doing so will empower your brand and your people.

Engagement and excitement from employees will transfer over to your customers.

Zappos was Customer Experience before it was cool, and in 2011 Rob Siefker, Senior Director of Customer Loyalty, shared insight on how they delighted their online shoppers.

Their secret? Happy employees equals happy customers. Having a thorough training process helps new hires feel comfortable with their new position. Training new hires in departments that they won't be working in will help them gain a better understanding of internal operations and they will understand their role better.

The ability to know how to describe the process of regular maintenance or leasing vehicles will go a long way when those conversations come up with customers. Employees don’t need to be a subject matter expert in every field, but having the ability to grasp the purpose of the department and respond to customers questions will go a long way.

Getting your employees comfortable with various functions of your business will require an open environment where top managers and employees can communicate freely with one another.

Team building activities can encourage everyone to feel as connected as possible.

Recognize people for their hard work. Have an open place for feedback from staff to improve your processes. Tough feedback is good feedback if you can take action on it. The end goal is to make your employees and customers happy.

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