Build Your Brand With Trust

How Important is Trust to Today's Consumer?

Build Your Brand With Trust

How Important is Trust to Today's Consumer?

People don’t trust companies. They trust people. 

Back in 2010, DSES keynote speaker Scott Monty was the first global head of social media and digital communications at Ford Motor Company. He was fresh off of the Fiesta launch, and an excellent candidate to provide us with insight on the ever changing landscape that is social media and digital communication.

Scott mentioned that in the future “maybe people will be buying vehicles from their couch.” His insight provided dealerships with the tools to make the transition into the digital age. His prediction came true. It is now easier than ever to buy a vehicle. Digital retailing is here to stay. Providing a unique digital retailing experience is what will separate you from the rest of the pack. That is evident now, but when Scott gave his keynote Facebook was 5 years old and Instagram did not exist. His foresight enabled dealerships to take the actions needed to transition into the digital retailing space.

He encouraged dealerships to define their story, leverage social media, and to establish trust in your brand.

What did you need to be successful on social media in 2010? A strong business model, great products, and an emphasis on customer experience. Good companies only do one or two of these things. Great companies plan for all three and execute them with precision.

What has changed since 2010? Today, with more tools and technology available than ever before, customers still want and need to be able to trust their dealership.  When making a car purchase, people are more likely to ask their interpersonal network for information, which now involves online networks just as much as offline networks. Establishing trust is more important than ever. A customer experience that is consistent in store and online will give your customers an experience that enables trust.

In 2019 it is important to be a leader in the online space. With thousands of online automotive retailers what are you doing to stand out? To build trust we recommend that you: Help people accomplish things. Spark a debate. Answer a question. Be transparent. Be authentic. By showing up you are establishing trust. But the way you respond and interact with your customers online will go a long way in determining how trusted you are.

If people trust people, and not companies, you need to do everything in your power to establish trustworthiness in your brand.

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