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Break the Wheel: How to Escape Conventional Thinking to Better Think for Yourself

Successful dealership marketing is all about context.  Don't decide on your strategy based on best practices from your 20 Group, build it around the best practices that are right for you.  Jay will present a framework that shows you how to identify and act on context so you can build a marketing plan that fits your dealership.

Dealerships today are bandwidth-constrained.  Jay's framework can ensure you spend your valuable time and resources on the right strategy you can deploy to determine success.

We live in a world flooding with endless best practices, conventional wisdom, and trendy tactics. But what matters isn't "following the best practice." What matters is doing what works best FOR YOUR DEALERSHIP. Do we know how to make those strategic decisions? Can we make them faster, without clinging to what others say worked "in general"? Worse, with all we have going on ... how does one find the time to do anything but react?

It feels like we're trapped. We’re trapped in a never-ending cycle of conventional thinking. We are stuck on an always-spinning wheel that leads us straight to the one place we don’t want our people and dealership to be: average. That is the danger of this wheel.

So what does it take to be exceptional? How can we see better results by understanding what works best for us, regardless of what the "20 Group best practice" might be? We need to escape conventional thinking. We need to break the wheel.

In this fast-paced, inspiring talk, keynote speaker and Unthinkable Media founder Jay Acunzo will hand you a sledgehammer. You’ll hear stories of people who pushed beyond the commodity work of their industry to make better decisions, faster -- driving better results in the end. You'll learn a framework you can use to make innovation seem logical, instead of lofty. Lastly, you’ll see how acting like an investigator, not an expert, is the path towards our best work in the digital age. In the end, you'll become a think-for-yourselfer in a world entirely too full of follow-the-listers.

Nobody wants to settle for commodity work or average results.

Ask yourself: Are you ready to break the wheel?

Jay Acunzo DrivingSales Executive Summit 2018

Jay Acunzo is a critically acclaimed podcast host and director and the founder of Unthinkable Media, which works with fast-growing startups and challenger brands to create entertaining B2B podcasts.

As a digital media strategist at Google, Jay was responsible for pushing marketing executives and practitioners into the digital age more rapidly, in ways that benefitted both companies and careers. He held multiple leadership positions at high-growth tech startups, including Head of Content at HubSpot, and served as Vice President of Brand and Community at the venture capital firm NextView.

Jay’s work has been cited in courses at Harvard Business School and by writers at the New York Times, the Washington Post, FastCompany, Forbes, and more. He’s been called a “creative savant” by Salesforce and was named to the city of Boston’s “50 on Fire” list.

In a world where “storyteller” has become a buzzword, Jay understands how to actually tell great stories -- stories that entertain, surprise, teach, and above all, push people beyond conventional wisdom so they can do their best work.

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