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From First Search to Final Sale: Understanding Today's Customer Journey

From First Search to Final Sale: Understanding Today's Customer Journey

The modern customer journey has changed with the majority of decision making, price matching, and quality assurance done online before even being in the store. Often times consumers are just using the internet to determine which location they will be purchasing their car or service at based upon convenience and price. Convenience is a factor when determining price and will sway a customer’s decision. Learn how to get an advantage on your competition with these insights into the modern customer journey and how to position yourself for success.

When you are able to leverage convenience your customers will tend to choose you over competitors. This webinar will help you identify obstacles and barriers that are deterring your dealership from reaching your customers. We will help you reduce the customer effort needed to buy. Learn how to leverage convenience to give your customers a modern sales journey to establish trust and enable your company to stand out.

Webinar Three Takeaways:

1. How the modern customer journey has changed
2. What businesses can do to leverage convenience and win more customers
3. Tools that can help with that process

Rob Mayfield

Product Marketing Manager


Rob Mayfield heads up product marketing at Podium, a SaaS platform that helps local businesses interact with their customers through SMS text messaging and influence purchase decisions by streamlining the collection and management of online reviews. Mayfield is very experienced in both customer acquisition marketing and internal customer marketing from his time at Instructure and Podium. Mayfield has a BS in Marketing and a minor in Political Science from Brigham Young University.

Jonathan Reid

Head of Sales - Automotive


Jordan Reid is the Head of Sales - Automotive at Podium. Reid’s sales experience as successful salesman and sales mentor has enabled him to have a million dollar sales year in 2018. Reid went to Utah State University where he received a BA in Organizational Communication and a minor in Spanish.