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DrivingSales Webinars

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How Dealers Get Frontline Ready in Under Five Days.

Used car reconditioning is a beast if it’s not managed correctly. Too often dealers (both variable and fixed) take a back seat to reconditioning. Often times they send in the vehicle to service for mechanical work and get it back when they get it back. Spend a few days “detailing”, then park it on the frontline (assuming it’s ready) and let the vendor swing by when it’s right for them.

The result; an aged unit that equals weeks of accumulated holding cost and a vehicle that’s far from “sensory” ready. With such a lag in the recon process you have inadvertently just reconditioned your next wholesale price.

Come learn some of the best practices the top-performing pre-owned dealers have adopted that help them cut through the “you’ll get it when you get it” culture. We’ll share with you proven ideas to help save you time and money for your reconditioning process.

Webinar Takeways:

1. Learn why getting to the frontline in 3-5 days is so important to ROI

2. Discover how to manage the new digital frontline

3. Manage your recon as a profit center