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DrivingSales Webinars

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It's time to get serious about SEM

Getting started on SEM is easy. Scaling it up efficiently is not. Targeting shoppers in your area searching for the types of cars you carry is a good start, but it can quickly become overwhelming.

At CarGurus, the nation's most-visited auto shopping website, we can draw on years of experience and performance metrics across hundreds of millions of SEM keywords to share some valuable lessons about modern, large-scale SEM. This webinar will make sure you're getting the most out of your investment by discussing:

Webinar Three Takeaways:

1. What metrics to focus on and how to measure them
2. How to evaluate in-house execution vs. different types of partners
3. How to tackle the long tail and scale up a successful program

Maddy Pisto

Director, SEM Sales and Account Management


Maddy heads the Sales and Service programs for CarGurus SEM Plus. In her four years with CarGurus, she has lead multiple sales and account management teams, including launching dealer display and SEM products. Prior to CarGurus, she worked in sales and service with TechTarget and United Technologies Company.