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DrivingSales Webinars

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Implementing Technology:

Get From Launch to ROI Faster

Accelerating Time-to-Value with New Technologies at Dealerships

There is a lot of tech in your store. Learn about the tips and best practices for maximizing the return on new technology investments as well as getting the most bang for your buck out of existing technology.

Implementing new systems and technologies can feel overwhelming for dealership management.There are a lot of tools out there to sell more cars and do more service but if you aren’t using them properly they are being squandered. There's risk involved with any kind of change and since there's an associated cost with new technologies, it can be difficult to maximize the ROI. This webinar will teach you how to obtain the best framework to go from launch to ROI as fast and efficient as possible

That's why taking a methodical and battle-tested approach to new technology implementations is necessary to get the most out of your investments.

This webinar will provide you with the framework and best practices for how to maximize ROI and accelerate time-to-value.

Webinar Three Takeaways:

1. Accelerating time-to-value with new technologies at dealerships
2. Specific ways to structure training to accelerate employee adoption
3. Standardize systems and processes in order to create the best strategies for company wide adoption of new technology

Melissa Terrell

Director of Customer Success


Melissa Terrell brings energy, excitement, and order to growing businesses, helping them develop results-oriented processes and people. As an early employee of multiple Austin-based startups, Melissa has helped shape and lead Customer Success and Services teams in emerging markets including eCommerce digital content solutions, Higher Education predictive analytics solutions, and Retail Automotive fleet management solutions. She is committed to delivering value and exceptional experiences to her customers and the people she is privileged to manage.