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DrivingSales Webinars

Showcasing the most experienced and knowledgeable presenters to support your continuing education in the automotive business. Keep yourself in the loop.

5 Pro Tips to Beat the Competition 

Online and On the Lot

Is your business growth stuck on hold? Are you missing out on critical data that can help you make better business decisions for your dealership? Join this webinar to see how to beat the competition by communicating the way your customers want and by collecting and reporting on key data to increase efficiencies. You’ll also see how to empower your sales staff while keeping complete control over your customers’ data.

Webinar Takeaways:

- Simplify attribution and sales reporting through solid integrations with your phones and your CRM.

- Cross-platform communication helps you sell more cars by communicating the way your customers want to.

- Eliminate the pain of sales turnover by using mobile apps and business numbers that work on any device and sync with your CRM.

- Make sure your phone system is easy to manage so you don’t have to call expensive tech support every time you need to make a change.

Stephanie Bowers

Sr. Market Development Manager for Automotive


Stephanie has worked in the telecommunications industry for 20 years. While working at Jive/LogMeIn she has been able to focus specifically on the Automotive Industry. She manages everything from strategic partnerships with CRM vendors and integrations partners to improving the way sales reps use technology in their day-to-day operations.