Staying Ahead of the Curve

Responding to Industry Change

In 2011 at the DrivingSales Executive Summit, Gary Vaynerchuck mentioned that we are “grossly underestimating the internet” and that “the people in this room will be out of business in 15 years if they don't understand this now.”

Making the shift to digital retailing is a necessary factor in our day and age. Gary V saw it coming. His insight suggested that instead of focusing on content so much, we should be giving context more attention. We have been pushing content for the last century and it is so easy to ignore. If you have a DVR do you watch commercials? Or like most Americans, do you just use Netflix?

The internet is the single biggest cultural shift of our time. The way we deliver our message is fundamentally different because communication has been disrupted. As dealerships we are in the ears and eyeballs business and those are constantly occupied. What are you doing to stand out?

“We live in a world where innovation happens,” Gary said, “we see it, we think its stupid, we aren’t gonna do it, we fight it mentally, and then we do it.

In the eyeballs and ears business, everyone's eyes and ears are easily swayed. Many people are making buying decisions at the point of purchase based upon their social networks or online reviews. How often do you choose where to buy something based upon online reviews?  In addition, there is a ton of noise. You’ve got to stand out.

Being active in the online space shows your customers that you care. Being able to quickly respond and provide information to inquisitive customers will differentiate yourself. Using the platforms to provide updates for products and events will keep your customers up to speed on insider knowledge.

If advertising is hunting, then social media is farming. No need to try to sell them through the social network, that is what advertising is for. Slowly show them content or context that enables them to make more informed purchases in the future. Give them the nutrients, or information, and let them slowly consume it until they are aware. Utilize call to actions as much as possible but do not try to use social media to convert, use it to converse. Be an actual voice in the space not just a talking head.

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