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DrivingSales Webinars

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Improve Your Fixed Ops Efficiency with Texting

Running a well-oiled servicing operation can be challenging, and every minute wasted by inefficient systems is a potential dollar lost. In this webinar Denise Chudy, GM of LivePerson Automotive, will highlight the top 5 ways successful dealerships are leveraging messaging and automation to improve RO volume & processing efficiency. 

With the ebbs and flows of a typical day in service, you cannot afford inefficient communication. In this webinar discover how to keep customers informed, deliver higher quality experiences and increase customer loyalty.

In addition, learn how to stay connected to your customers with messaging to keep them faithful post-warranty and keep your dealership first in line for their next purchase.

Webinar Takeaways:

1. Discover how efficient communication can improve CSI

2. Learn how to increase RO volume with texting

3. Gain insight on how to deliver high-quality experiences

Denise Chudy

General Manager

LivePerson Automotive

Denise Chudy is the General Manager of LivePerson Automotive, the Conversational Commerce platform connecting buyers and owners to car dealers and automakers, globally. Denise oversees all functions of LPA, and leads the company's mission to enable messaging from the front to the back of the dealership, thereby maximizing customer lifetime value. Denise has been a leader in digital automotive since inception of the industry more than two decades ago. Denise’s past roles focused on developing and growing new revenue streams, which includes vast experience in product development, operations, sales and service.Denise was on the original management team that launched Cars.com in 1998 and was recruited a few years later to build Google’s first automotive team. Denise also led Google’s Consumer Packaged Goods team, where her work with Procter and Gamble was featured in The Wall Street Journal. Prior to joining LPA, Denise was President at LotLinx.