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The Third-Party Influence on your First Party Traffic: The Most Valuable Attribution Metrics You May Not Be Looking At

We have historically looked to leads to determine the value a third party site is providing. But what about the referral traffic they provide, and what is the value of a consumer who has visited both a third party research site AND your dealer website? Leveraging the power of our proprietary event tracking pixel Roxanne, Cars.com and Dealer Inspire have taken a deep dive to connect the dots on what actions "the silent majority" who don't submit leads are doing on Cars.com and your dealer website. The results beg the question: in today's digital marketing landscape, is a website transfer more valuable than a lead?

Webinar Takeaways:

1. ​ ​The different actions consumers who have visited a third-party website will display

2. ​​How lead conversion from your own website is impacted by third-party influences

3. What can you do to drive more valuable, high converting traffic to your website

Jacob Wittler

Senior Manager, Local Product Marketing


Jacob is a 10 year veteran of the automotive industry, having held roles in Sales, Product, and Marketing at Cars.com. He specializes in go-to-market strategy for digital marketing solutions, and also partners with Analytics teams across the Cars.com brands to develop data-driven insights that provide actionable insights for dealers.

Randy Reiss

Director of Data Science

Dealer Inspire

Randy has over 30 years of experience working in software development and data science. 

Familiar with big companies and startups, Randy has worked for companies including Emerson Process Management, MaxPoint Interactive, and General Motors

With an expertise in big data, predictive algorithms, and automotive data, Randy is bringing Big Data Science to Dealer Inspire.