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DrivingSales Webinars

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What Matters to Millennials in 2019

For Millennials, there are many forces combining to complicate the car shopping process: an explosion of information sources, their overwhelming affinity for mobile devices, and their changing attitudes about financial and transportation issues. While they're not the biggest car buying segment, that may be changing. To stay ahead of this huge audience, dealers must understand the preferences and habits Millennials bring to the car buying process.

In this session, we'll share detailed insights from recent CarGurus research into how Millennial car shoppers research, choose, and buy cars, how those preferences differ across various segments within Millennials, and what you can do to take advantage and reach this large and growing audience. We'll look at questions like:

• What are their communication preferences really like?

• When are they deciding to buy cars?

• What vehicle traits are most important?

Webinar Takeaways:

1. ​ ​​Learn what Millennials know about the cars they want - and what they're less sure of

2. ​​​Gain detailed insight into how preferences differ across various segments within Millennials (by gender, income, family status)

3. Understand how knowing these preferences can make your sales team more efficient and more effective

Ali Chapman

Consumer Insights Analyst